Estate Planning for Pets
who have people.

Secure the future well being of your beloved animals.

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The Pet Protectors®

All animals can be protected from becoming orphans.
You can ensure them a secure future.
All you have to do is care enough and fill in the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust.
In less time than it takes to walk Fido, he can be that lucky dog.

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PETRIARCH®: The Complete Guide to Financial and Legal Planning for a Pet's Continued Care.


The Tale Of How One Dog Inspired A Safer World For Our Animals

The Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust for animal centers.

Animal centers, shelters, rescues, sanctuaries and zoos, etc., can make money with the Pet Protection Agreement pet trust while ensuring animals have continued care. What’s not to like?

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What People are Saying

About The Pet Protection Agreement®
Pet Trust

Cesar Milan

The Dog Whisperer,
National Geograpic

Dogs are members of our family, so it’s natural for us to want to protect their well-being after we are gone in the same way that we provide for our human family members. This is a wonderful resource for pack leaders.

Lawrence Davidow

Managing Partner at Davidow, Davidow, Siegel & Stern, LLP
Past President and a Fellow of the National Academy Of Elder Law Attorneys

Rachel has dedicated years of her life to perfect estate planning strategies that will save millions of pets from an uncertain future and provide the serenity or relief their owners so desire. With her passion and this book, Rachel will forever change the way the world thinks about its pets and the care they deserve.

Brian Liu

Co-Founder and Chairman
Legal Zoom

This book is an invaluable guide to the new and expanding field of pet law. Not only does Rachel Hirschfeld offer an easy-to-understand foundation for securing the future of the pet companion, her book also helps us understand the non-legal issues so that both the pet owner and the estate planner can better communicate about the pets’ care when the owner is not around to look after them.

Mike Arms

Co-Founder and Chairman
The Animal Center of the Future

"For over seven years, we have offered the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust, which has been wildly popular since Day One. Adopters love it because it means the animal will never have to be rescued again, and we love it because the extra money set aside for the pet’s care often comes right back to us. click for more of Mike's Story

Sidney Kess

CPA and Attorney,
Noted Lecturer and Author

Rachel Hirschfeld’s Book PETRIARCH: The Complete Guide to Financial and Legal Planning for a Pet’s Continued Care, does a thorough job explaining financial and estate planning for pets. Geared for professional advisors as well as their clients, this invaluable guide belongs on every professional’s bookshelf.

Donald Trump

The Trump Organization

As a businessman it’s important for me and every intelligent, informed person to be on the cutting edge when it comes to protecting the things and people you love. Rachel’s book is a terrific guide for anyone who wants to protect their pet when the owner no longer can.


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