"My mission is to ensure that every animal
is guaranteed a secure future."

Rachel Hirschfeld Soupbone Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

I am an estate attorney who works only with people who have pets. It's all because of Soupbone, a mixed-breed dog I rescued.  Soupbone loved life, hated kennels and was my inspiration for creating the Hirschfeld Pet Trust© which the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) refers to as the “ultimate critical care pet trust”.

Because he disliked kennels, I worried about Soupbone’s fate if something happened to me. I wanted assurance that he would not end up in a place that I knew would cause him misery. The importance of having created instructions for his care and memorializing them in a legally enforceable document was confirmed with the discovery of medical conditions.

It was because of Soupbone that I began tailoring and expanding my estate planning law practice to include estate planning for clients and their pets. Swizzle, a mixed-breed dog I rescued, is the inspiration for the Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust*. My keen interest in providing guidance to the pet lover positively affects the lives of the animals we love. 

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