Bill would require California pet stores to sell rescue animals

abc7 - A bill requiring pet stores to only sell certain rescue animals could make California the first state to do such a thing as the legislation headed to Gov. Brown's desk Thursday.

Hurricane Irma: Duck Family Rescued by SWEETEST Guys

The Dodo - Duck Family Gets Help From Sweetest Guys During Hurricane | This mother duck and her babies got lost in the hurricane, so these guys swooped in to save them. Special thanks to Claudio Martinez for this incredible video

Animals and the recent hurricanes

There are animals that have been devasted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, some animal shelters are without electricity, without supplies and without room!

NYU School of Professional Studies OCT 4 - NOV 8

I will be teaching Pet Trusts: Saving Animal Companions From The Unexpected at New York University this fall. Specifically, The Pet Protection Agreement® pet trust, which I created. The good news is that you do not need to be an attorney to complete these on-going care documents which are valid in all 50 states.

Amazing animals rescues during storm Harvey

IBTIMES - Storm Harvey caused severe flooding in Texas, leaving thousands of animals stranded when their owners fled the water. Luckily, some volunteers and courageous passer-byes managed to rescue some of the pets.

Dog Rescued From Hurricane Harvey

The Dodo - This dog almost drowned in Hurricane Harvey — but people risked their lives to save him.

The Legacy of Love for ALL Animals

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