Pet Protection Agreement vs a Will

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by Pioneer Wife on 03 April 2015 - 03:04

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Blitzen brought up making plans for your animals on a rescue thread where the owner died, a very good idea. But thought it might be better for this to have it's own thread:

Another option for folks to look at:

"Why You Don't Want to Put Your Pet in a Will

First, because the will isn't read immediately and pets can not wait to be cared for. Second, because the court is not required to follow instructions in a will. The court must only pass property to the designated person or organization, IF they think that is fitting. Third, because pets are property in the eyes of the law and treated as such. They are not treated as loved ones.

Check out this example: In her will, Jane left $10,000 to her sister, Nancy, for the care of her dog, Max. Nancy cried at her sister Jane's funeral than took Max to the pound and used the $10,000 for a shopping spree in Paris. No one, including the court, could do anything about it.

Because pets are considered property, they cannot legally inherit. Jane is not permitted to leave money directly in her will to her pet. The provision asking Nancy to care for the pet with the monies left is a request and the court has no power to enforce the pet owner's wishes."